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Installation steps and precautions of well diesel pump and s

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Correct installation steps and precautions of well diesel pump and submersible pump

Installation of submersible pump

Inspection, installation, commissioning and acceptance of submersible pump

According to the design of water head, the calculated lifting force needs 32m, so 55200qj32-32 / 2 pump (including the equipment of old well) is selected. Each well is equipped with a pump. 17 old wells are used, each of which is equipped with a water pump, and the water pump is equipped with a rated lift of not less than 75 pumps. The length of waterproof cable shall match the pump control box. One pump control box per unit.

Installation of submersible pump

Key points of water pump installation

The installation position of the pump shall meet the requirements of the allowable vacuum height. The foundation must be level and stable to ensure that the rotating direction of the power machinery is consistent with that of the pump. When the pump and the power machine are connected through the shaft, the shaft must be in the same straight line to prevent bearing vibration and unilateral wear during the operation of the unit; if the belt drive is adopted, the shaft shall be parallel and the pulley shall be aligned. If there are multiple units in the same computer room, the distance between the unit and the wall shall be greater than 800mm. The suction pipe of the pump must be sealed, and the elbow and gate valve shall be minimized. The air shall be discharged when filling the drinking water, and the air shall not be accumulated in the pipeline during operation. The suction pipe should be slightly inclined and connected to the pump inlet, which should have a certain submergence depth. The holes reserved on the foundation of the pump shall be poured according to the size of the pump.

In this project, for the overall arrival of the pump, the following describes the installation, disassembly and cleaning, inspection and measurement, assembly, commissioning and other work of the pump.

Construction preparation

Familiar with drawings, prepare construction technical measures, and make technical disclosure to construction personnel.

Prepare construction tools, measuring tools, tools and consumable materials.

Foundation acceptance.

The receiving device arrives. Check the size of foot bolt and civil foundation.

Installation of diesel engine water pump in place

After the construction site has the conditions, find out the installation direction and height of the pump, handle the position of the sizing block, and then install the pump.

Place the temporary shim pack on the foundation and lift the pump into place.

Use the horn set to adjust the height and level of the pump. The height and height of the pump are based on the outlet flange. The horizontally arranged pump pulls the powder pipeline and controls the layout of the pump to make them in a straight line. The distance between two adjacent pumps shall be the same.

Grouting the base bolt holes.

Once the grouting reaches the strength, the sizing block shall be rearranged, and the second pump search and leveling shall be conducted. After passing the test, tighten the foot bolts and monitor the pump level.

Spot weld the sizing block group.

Secondary grouting and plastering shall be carried out within 24 hours after alignment.

The alignment of the coupling is based on the pump, and the position of the motor is adjusted by adjusting the clamping tool to make the alignment of the two shafts meet the requirements.

The piping installation of the pump shall be based on the principle that the pump is free from external forces. The fixed welded joint shall be as far away from the pump as possible. The meter shall be monitored on the coupling after the pipe has been installed and the final connection has been made.

Disassembly inspection of water pump

The disassembly of the pump shall follow the principle of first removing the accessories, then the main parts, first outside and then inside. During disassembly, mark the non working surface of the main parts so that they can be assembled correctly after maintenance. During disassembly, measure and record the original assembly clearance of the pump at any time. The removed parts shall be placed neatly in a clean place.

After cleaning, the parts not installed shall be covered with clean plastic cloth.

When cleaning the pump components, check the appearance of the components for serious corrosion, cracks, pits and other defects, and measure the following items:

Bending of the shaft;

Radial runout of shaft;

Radial runout of rotor and deflection of ladle end;

Seal ring clearance;

The ellipticity and taper of the journal.

Valve installation hoist installation

Before the installation of the valve, the model, specification and material shall be inspected according to the requirements of the design documents, and the appearance inspection and pressure test shall be carried out. Unqualified products shall not be used.

The valve shall be installed in the closed state.

The valve installation direction shall be determined according to the medium flow direction.

The handwheel shall be installed upward on the valve of horizontal pipe section, and in special cases, it can also be installed downward or sideways. Lift check valve, pressure reducing valve and regulating valve must be installed on horizontal pipe or vertical pipe as required.

When the valve and flange are installed together, the bolt holes shall be distributed near the vertical center in the horizontal pipeline, and in the vertical pipeline, the bolt holes shall be distributed in the most convenient position for operation. (3) When the valve and flange are installed together, the bolt holes shall be distributed near the vertical center, while for the vertical pipe, the bolt holes shall be distributed in the most convenient position for operation.

When the valve is matched with the pipeline, it is forbidden to knock the sealing ring or valve with hammer or other tools. During welding, the arc shall be prevented from damaging the flange seal.

The operating mechanism and transmission device of the valve shall be flexible, correct and free of jamming.

The installation height and position of the valve shall be easy to maintain, and the height is generally 1.2m. When the distance between the center of the valve and the ground is 1.8m, the valve shall be centrally arranged and an operation platform shall be set. The clear distance of valve handwheel on the pipeline shall not be less than 100mm.

The valve shall be properly preserved after installation, and the valve shall not be opened or closed at will. In case of cross operation, protective cover shall be added.

After flushing the pipeline, check whether the relevant valve is cored.

After the valve is installed, it shall be clearly marked according to the opening and closing of the valve and pipeline system.

Well Fort Engineering


Composite steel formwork and bamboo plywood are used for formwork. The carpentry adopts the local special-shaped formwork to make the wood formwork. The formwork shall meet the requirements of the construction drawings for the shape of the building structure, and the allowable deviation shall be within the allowable deviation range.

The installation of formwork shall be measured and placed according to the construction drawings, and necessary control points shall be set for inspection and correction. During formwork installation, sufficient supporting structure must be provided to prevent deformation and overturning.

The formwork shall be cleaned before use. In order to facilitate rust prevention and formwork removal, the steel formwork shall be coated with mineral oil rust protection layer, and the oil agent that pollutes the concrete shall not be used, nor shall the quality of concrete or reinforced concrete be affected. Wood molds shall be coated with paraffin or other protective coating.

In order to reduce the damage of concrete surface and formwork, the removal period of formwork shall be specified in the specification. When removing the formwork, special formwork removal tools shall be used and construction procedures shall be strictly followed.


The construction of the project strictly follows the "code for construction of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering" (xd-207-82), "code for construction survey of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering" (xl52-93), "code for inspection of water conservancy engineering" (sdi05-82) and bidding documents. Other relevant specifications and regulations specified in the technical specifications shall meet the design requirements. The main design quantities of the project are: c20u channel, C20 concrete coping, C20 concrete bridge cap, C25 concrete bridge slab and bridge deck pavement.

Under dry and hot weather conditions, the curing time of important parts and later strength concrete shall be extended, generally no less than 28 days. The maintenance work shall be in the charge of a specially assigned person, and the maintenance records shall be made.

Cable engineering

1. The line of water transmission pipe network shall ensure the safety of water supply. On the premise of meeting the requirements of water quantity and water pressure, the line is the shortest, the project volume is the smallest, the project cost is the lowest, the construction is convenient, and the cultivated land is the least or not used.

2. In terms of direction, layout and elevation, the water transmission pipeline shall conform to the overall planning of villages and towns and be developed first.

3. The main line should minimize the intersections with roads and ditches, and protection measures must be taken.

4. According to the water supply requirements, it is necessary to ensure that all water users in the whole water supply area have enough water and water pressure.

5. Ensure that the domestic water is within the coverage of the pipe network, without engineering problems.

6. The water transmission pipeline crossing, railway, highway, cross under the steel line and shigongfangfa are the pipe jacking method. The water pipe shall be 1.2m under the railway track or road surface. The pipeline shall pass through the river and use steel pipe to cross the bridge. If there is a bridge nearby, it can cross the bridge from the bridge.