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How to arrange and install well diesel engine water pump 1

Article provenance:Hai Rui ZhonglianPopularity:Publication time:2020-03-24 10:21

How to arrange and install well diesel engine water pump 1

New well drilling project

Construction method of motor well engineering

Construction preparation

When installing drilling platform and high altitude line, a certain distance should be kept for buried power line, structure and pipeline high-rise building

The installation of the drilling rig and its auxiliary equipment must be firm and reliable, easy to operate, and the axis of the wire rope and the bending needle shall be consistent, and shall not be displaced during the drilling process.

Make the road, water, electricity (or equipped with mechanical power equipment) construction site level.

Materials required for construction must be prepared before drilling and transported to the well pad in time according to the design requirements.

geophysical prospecting

According to the design documents, combined with the topography of the site, on the basis of visiting local residents, the detector is used for detection, sorting and analysis.

Pore forming

Ensure that the hole position is correct and the shaft of the well meets the design deviation requirements. In the process of drilling, the hole quality must also be checked

The diameter and depth of protective pipe installation shall be determined according to the condition of soil layer or rock layer and the opening size of well bore. The inner diameter of the protection pipe is 50-100mm larger than that of the borehole, and the penetration depth shall be in the impermeable layer. Or fill and compact with clay ball to ensure the stability of the grommet.

Pore forming

(1) Quality control of raw materials and semi-finished products

The quality of raw materials is controlled by purchasing, stacking, storage and use measures. The location, quantity and mode of procurement shall be determined according to engineering needs and design standards. The purchased materials must meet the actual needs and the requirements of national standards. The shaft meeting the requirements of the project shall be customized in the ordinary manufacturer, and attached with the certificate of conformity.

The raw materials shall be stacked and molded separately to prevent mixing, and shall be managed by a specially assigned person. Before use, recheck the quality of raw materials to avoid expiration, especially before use, check whether the delivery date and strength grade of prefabricated concrete pipe meet the design requirements.

(2) Equipment management

During the construction, the steel wire rope, well pipe and other tools shall be checked thoroughly before each use, and the tools such as broken strand shall be replaced immediately, and no action shall be taken hastily. Take emergency measures and prepare emergency equipment to ensure the safety and reliability of well pipe.

(3) Construction personnel management

Before construction, relevant personnel shall be organized to study the installation procedures and technical requirements of well pipe, formulate feasible construction scheme, formulate technical requirements and control measures of construction scheme, and arrange experienced and astute engineering technicians to carry out the operation. Ready. Some people lost it.

(4) Construction method

Before drilling, the site shall be leveled and compacted, the water source shall be well done, and 2m high steel casing shall be lowered before drilling. The drilling process shall be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications, rules and regulations of "technical specifications for motor wells". After drilling, use straight hole drill to dredge and dredge to the bottom of the well once. Make the well hole round and straight, up and down unobstructed, and the slope should not exceed 1.5 degrees. After drilling, it is necessary to wash and gradually dilute with mud washing liquid to wash off the thick mud skin on the wall.

The equipment required for this method is crane, tray, pin, winch and wire rope. The operation method is as follows:

When the pipeline is lowered, insert four hoisting and reusing steel wire ropes from four holes of the tray, make the four rope sleeves overlap and align with the end holes of the tray, coat the end nail surface with butter and insert it into the end nail hole, place the tray and a good bottom rope on the gasket of the wellhead, and then start to install the well pipe.

Installation well pipe

The specification and quality of well bore, sidewall, grit and filter pipes shall be strictly checked before lowering. This standard shall be in accordance with SL / t154-95 (standard for concrete and reinforced concrete well pipes). Connect the diesel pump with the concrete well pipe. When bonding, apply a layer of asphalt to the joint of the two well pipes. The joint of the outer wall of the well pipe shall be covered with asphalt felt for one week, and the overlapping length shall not be less than 300 mm. The outer wall of the well pipe shall be vertically wrapped with 6 pieces of bamboo, and then fixed with galvanized iron wire. The well pipe base shall be flat, and the sand pipe shall be coated with one layer of asphalt and two layers of asphalt felt.

When the lower pipe is used, the hanging method is used. The steel wire rope is used to keep and lift the bottom plate of the well, lift the well pipe, slowly lower the well pipe, connect the chassis with the pipe end, and then lift the second pipe. Tie and connect the first part of the pipe, and so on, until the well pipe mark is completely installed and the wire rope is taken out.

According to the drilling formation data, according to the pipe strength, pipe depth and lifting capacity, well pipe combination, layout and numbering are carried out.

The well pipe connection must be straight and tight.

When using the tray to lower the pipe, first apply asphalt along the tray to insert the socket of the tray into the well pipe, wrap the interface with 3 or 4 circles of plastic film, evenly surround 6 or 8 bamboo strips around the joint, and then bind 3 or 5 channels up and down on the interface with 8 wire to make the well pipe firmly connected to the tray.

After lifting the tray and settling pipe, remove the base plate, and then slowly drop the tray down to the bottom of the well. The well pipe is installed correctly, and the pipe body is fixed without swinging. Then pull out the bottom rope and you can backfill the filter material. The lowering speed of the four ropes in the lower pipe must be the same. In order to prevent the inclination of the well pipe, the well pipe shall be prevented from inclination. Each time the well is connected, the crane operator and the lower end of the water pipe shall not leave the brake handle with both hands, and the accident shall not occur.

When laying the pipeline, it is necessary to prevent the underground water that does not meet the water inflow requirements from flowing into the well water.